Power Supply Repairs

Repair Services

DreamHardware does power supply repairs in-house, all repair services are performed by experienced technicians. Our specialties are:
  • Obsolete power supply repairs.
  • Vintage power supply repairs.
  • Rare power supply repairs.
  • Legacy power supply repairs
  • Old power supply repairs.
  • Hard to find power supply repairs.
  • Discontinued power supply repairs.
  • Obsolete computer repairs.
We control many common components ready to go and don't have to wait for various parts to come in. We stock many obsolete components, which is allowing us to perform power supply repairs expeditiously.  We guarantee that the work our techs are doing will hold up. We offer a minimum 3 month warranty on our repairs. Customers can also purchase an extended warranty.

Repair Service Process

Here is the process in detail:
  • After the customer speaks with our technician,  the customer needs to ship the power supply to us for evaluation.
  • We do not charge any evaluation or testing costs.
  • After evaluation we will contact the customer by sending an email or call with the quote for the repair.
  • If a customer approves the quote, we will perform the repair.
  • If the repair is successful, the customer should pay a quoted amount plus shipping back.
  • Acceptable payments are: Major credit cards and paypal.
  • If repair is not successful, we will not charge anything, you'll have 0 costs.
  • About 90 % of our repairs are successful.
We repair variety of power supplies, including but not limited to old IBM PC and XT , 286, 386 , 486, 586, rare, hard to find unique industrial, medical, CNC power supplies, AC-DC, ATX and AT, telecom, proprietary and nonproprietary types.

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